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For the ones who desire financial freedom, we offer savings as easy as loading a recharge card

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Multi-channel withdrawal; card less, from agent, or direct to account, anytime, anywhere.

Make A Withdrawal


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Make payments simply & conveniently. Peer to peer. Bill payments. Airtime. Utilities. Remittances.

Pay Easily

Financial Inclusion Statistics

SOURCE: KPMG 2017 Digital Summit
Financially Eligible
Digitally Served

What do we offer?

Bankly provides convenient goal based savings services via USSD & physical vouchers for users

A simpler way to save

Whether on the web, mobile, or via USSD  you can reach your savings goal and be motivated about it

Automated savings

Link your cards to our secured web portal,  visualize and auto-save towards your financial goal.
Cards ATM
Send Money

Get paid faster with your phone number

Utilize the flexibility of your phone number to quickly receive or send funds with our seamless & secure P2P service. 

Buy! Recharge! Save!

Purchase vouchers from agents around you, reach your savings goal, cash out to your bank account or from an agent.

Transaction History

For thin file customers, Bankly enables them have a transaction history

Financial Planning

You now have access to data that enables you plan your finances efficiently

Credit Profile

Building a credit profile helps determine if you qualify for a loan or service

Micro Credit

Manage cash-flow spikes,  lower the need for emergency borrowing.

Micro Insurance

Our technology enables us identify key barriers for Micro Insurance uptake.


Pay bills and receive payment among networks of friends and family, affordably.

We offer the most competitive interest rates ...

Our partnership with premier asset management firm, Meristem Wealth Managers,  funds  are professionally and ethically managed in high yield, low risk portfolios with interest rates of about 10% – 17%.
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Financial Inclusion Report

We are enabling financial inclusion.

Prior to the recent efforts to promote financial inclusion, the Nigerian
economy was largely a cash-based economy with significant proportion of
the narrow money stock in the form of currency outside the banking system

The Bankly Journal

Experience our intuitive web app

Be among the first people to experience our intuitive web app that enables you visualize your goal and remain focus on your savings objectives. Equipped with an analytics tracker that provides you with insights to enable you better plan and make better financial decisions.

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